Keyword Research Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Keyword research 🔎 is a big part of affiliate marketing and traffic generation. Most internet users type simple words and phrases to find what they want online. As an affiliate marketer, you must discover these phrases that your target audience use. 

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What Is A Keyword?

A keyword is a word or a phrase that people use on search engines and other online platforms to get relevant content. If you want to search for a product or a how-to guide, other people will search for the same thing and use the same keywords.

So, the first results on a big website like Google are valuable for the websites that have ranked on them and generate tons of traffic. However, there are many types of keywords. Traffic and competition vary on each keyword that people use. Keywords are important for all internet marketers because they help them to find their target audience.

There are two ways to get ranked for a keyword. You can get ranked on Google’s organic results or place some advertisements on the keywords you want. Of course, the first option is free, and the second one requires a budget to begin.


Online traffic comes from mobile

Keyword search tools - JAAXY

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of finding keywords relevant to a website or a business. This article focuses on affiliate marketers that want to build a website and get traffic through keywords. However, you can use the same keywords for paid advertising too.

Keyword research is an important task for every internet business. It allows you to find your target audience on any platform that has a search engine. Of course, Google is the bigger search engine, and most affiliate marketers focus on that. Google has specific ranking factors, but they all start from the keywords. 

Finding keywords for your website will become a positive habit and valuable skill. You can find a few keywords daily or many keywords once a month. In every case, it is a process you must do regularly. Many internet marketers don’t know how to do keyword research properly. By understanding a few simple concepts, you get an advantage over your competitors right away. 


Marketers see SEO more effective than PPC

Making keyword research easy

Why Keyword Research Is Important For Affiliate Marketing

When you start from zero in the online world, you have a new website and no traffic at all. If you don’t have traffic, no one buys your suggestions. Keywords can solve this problem if you target them with the right SEO strategy. 

When you get ranked for one keyword, you can do the same thing for more keywords. You repeat the process and keep building your online business. If you have a new website, it will be easy to find hundreds of keywords in every niche.

More keywords will get created through time. A keyword is a word or phrase that people use to search for information, as mentioned above. When there is a new trend in your niche, people will use new keywords to find this trend. The same applies to new products, people, and strategies in any niche.

You will always be able to find more keywords and create content around them. More content means more keywords on your website, so it will give you more traffic from search engines in the long-term. When you have traffic, you can promote your offers and make sales that are the goal of every affiliate marketer.

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Keyword Search

Google searches in 1 second

Keyword search for articles

Can You Write An Article Without Doing Keyword Research?

When you have something to say that helps your visitors, you should create content for it even if you don’t find a relevant keyword. We build websites to help people. Keywords are only a tool to attract these people. 

If you create valuable content, your target audience will find it anyway. Google will also find it and figure out the best keyword for it. The truth is that some big websites and full-time internet marketers are not good at keyword research, but they publish tons of quality content to get results.

You must not be afraid to write about something that does not fit an existing keyword. However, keywords and SEO help search engines find your content faster and maximize every website’s performance. If you get some traffic without SEO, you can multiply it by applying a few simple SEO rules on your website.

You Need Only Two Tools For Your Keyword Research

#1. Jaaxy 

What Is Jaaxy? 

Jaaxy is the keyword tool of Wealthy Affiliate. Affiliate marketers have created it for the biggest community of affiliate marketers in the world. It is an effective tool that gives many keyword ideas and exact metrics for potential traffic and competition. You just type a word on the search bar to get ideas and metrics. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s free members can perform a number of searches to test the keyword tool, but it is available with unlimited searches for every premium member. 

What is Jaaxy
Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool

Jaaxy Metrics and Features

Avg: It is the average number of monthly searches for each keyword. 

Traffic: It shows how much traffic you can expect per month on average if you get ranked on Google’s first page.

QSR: It is the number of competitors that use the exact same keyword on their websites. You want a low number to have more chances to get ranked on the first page.

KQI: It is a keyword quality indicator. It tells if it’s worth going for a keyword.

SEO: It is a score that lets us know about the difficulty of getting ranked on Google’s first page based on the traffic and the competition.

Domain Names: If you search for a domain name that includes the exact keyword, it lets you know the available options.

Related Searches: They are suggestions based on your existing search. It’s a great way to find more keyword ideas.

Alphabet Soup: It is a technique to generate hundreds or thousands of keywords in a few seconds. You can type for a keyword, and Jaaxy will find Google keyword suggestions for each letter of the alphabet.

Saved Lists: You can easily create lists of keywords. You can choose a keyword, save it to an existing list, or create a new list.

Site Rank: This feature is helpful once you create some content. It checks your rankings on Google for each keyword you search. 

Search engine metrics


75% of users don’t scroll past the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs)

Criteria For Jaaxy

When you create a new website, you may desire to get ranked for the keywords with the most traffic. However, many big websites already compete for them. They have tons of content, links, and years in business. So, you don’t have many chances to outrank them. When you grow your website, you can definitely go for them. 

However, you need some easy wins in the beginning. It’s important to get ranked for low competition keywords and add traffic to your website. If you get ranked for 100 keywords that give you ten visitors per day on average, you will get 1000 visitors per day. It’s important not to underestimate the low competition keywords. So, here are three criteria to follow with a new website:

The keyword must get some traffic: If a keyword does not get any traffic, Jaaxy shows <10 on the Avg metric. Any keyword with some traffic is good enough to pick it up. 

QSR lower than 100: A low QSR means that you don’t have many competitors. Less than 100 is great for new websites. 

Must make sense: The keyword must make sense in English and be grammatically correct. You will use the keywords in your article, so make sure there are no mistakes.

Think about Jaaxy keyword results

Jaaxy Search Example

For example, we will search the keyword “affiliate marketing,” as you can see in the screenshot below. According to our criteria, the keyword that we would choose to target for a new website is the following:

affiliate marketing secrets (174 Avg, 91 QSR => it makes sense)

Suppose you have an older website (1-3 years old). In that case, you can target keywords with QSR less than 200 like best affiliate program, learn affiliate marketing, best affiliate marketing training, and affiliate marketing for dummies.

In the right sidebar, you can see different suggestions. These suggestions can include grammatical or typing errors because the keyword tool gives the exact data for every term that people search. It’s your job to filter out the ones that do not make sense.

Jaaxy search example

Affiliate marketing is only an example. Most niches have less competition than the affiliate marketing niche and more opportunities for low competition keywords.

#2. Google Autocomplete

It is a simple search feature by Google that helps both users and website owners to find the right keywords. If you type any keyword on Google, it gives suggestions while you type. Many users click Google autocomplete to get what they want fast, so you want to target these keywords.

The only thing you need to do is to type a term relevant to your niche. Google will start showing you ideas that you can write on paper or your computer. Once you search for any keyword, Google shows related searches as well. If you want to increase the number of autocomplete suggestions, you can play with the letters as you type any keyword. 

You can get as many keywords as you want from Google autocomplete. However, there are no stats on traffic and competition. The best way to figure them out is to copy-past each keyword on Jaaxy. It will show you traffic, competition, and additional keywords ideas. You can use the same criteria that are mentioned above.

The average word count of a Google first page result

A free alternative is google autocomplete

Next Steps

Jaaxy is a top keyword tool for every affiliate marketer. It can be enough for the keyword research tasks of your website. Google autocomplete is just an additional way to get more keywords and combine them with the suggestions of Jaaxy. There is no lack of keywords on the internet. In every niche, you will always find a way to add more content and target new keywords.

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