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Guide Features

The Guide 📔 takes you through the main elements of affiliate marketing by combining the introductory free lessons offered by Wealthy Affiliate with a clear structure and step-by-step instructions in an easy to follow 7 day format. This is geared for beginners with no or limited prior experience in affiliate marketing.

The Guide integrates fully with the free WA Training Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 1. The idea behind the Guide is to give you a headstart in your affiliate marketing learning process. It makes it very easy to follow the online training lessons, and also gives you a good idea of what to expect and what you will achieve in your first 7 days.

For those who have a good knowledge and good understanding of affiliate marketing, the Guide will allow to skip unnecessary steps and focus on those elements that matter most (e.g. building 🛠  your website).

The Guide also introduces you to SEO tools, notably Jaaxy, which you can use independently of the Wealthy Affiliate platform (it is hosted on a separate website).

Affiliate Marketing 7 Day Guide

Affiliate marketing Intro

Overview of affiliate marketing. Setting your goals and managing expectations.


Learn about SEO Tools and Techniques tailored for affiliate marketing purposes.

Build your website

Learn the basics of building your own affiliate website using WordPress.

Selecting a Niche

Learn about different type of niches, including evergreen niches, and find a suitable one.

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